2002 Summer Public Health Research Institute and Videoconference on Minority Health

Objectives,  Location,  Intended audience,  Policies


The Summer Public Health Research videoconference on Minority Health will emphasize issues and solutions related to collecting and analyzing data for racial and ethnic populations, studying the relationship between race and socioeconomic status, identifying and reducing barriers to conducting research in minority communities, and devising surveys to study minority populations and subpopulations.


The videoconference will originate from the School of Public Health on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since its beginning more than 200 years ago, the University has become nationally known for its achievements in teaching, research, and public service. The Videoconference will be available nationally through participating satellite downlink sites.

Intended audience

The intended audience is researchers, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and public health professionals in universities, research organizations, government, and community-based organizations.


All policies concerning attendance and participation in the Videoconference are determined by the participating downlink site.

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