2002 Summer Public Health Research Institute and Videoconference on Minority Health

Request form for videotapes

Registered sites are entitled to make one videotaped copy of the broadcast for use within their organization. Sites may register solely for the purpose of recording the broadcast for later use. Permission to make additional copies may be requested from Minority_Health@unc.edu

In response to requests for additional videotaped copies, we have obtained a quote from a local vendor that comes to about $15 per tape; 2-tape sets are $30; the entire set of 10 tapes is $120.
(All prices include shipping and handling.). Persons or organizations desiring to obtain VHS tapes of the broadcast for noncommercial, nonbroadcast use (showing to a class of primarily registered participants, even if via distance learning, is not considered broadcast for this purpose) may order tapes through our web site until July 31, 2002.

Payment (by check or money order only, please) will be required in advance. Make the checks payable to "Minority Health Project ". Orders must be received by July 31, 2002 and payment by August 20, 2002. We expect videotapes to be duplicated and shipped by the vendor by September 30, 2002.

Order videotapes from the 2002 Summer Public Health Research Institute and Videoconference on Minority Health

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